Why Have An Account?

In a word – for your own CONVENIENCE

It is a fact of online shopping life that the customer is required to enter information when purchasing something. Most people find it quite onerous but it is legally required as part of a valid purchase. There are 2 ways to create an account.

While Purchasing

When purchasing something for the first time from Pixl2Pixl.com the entry of data is unavoidable. However there is a way to shorten the process for any ‘next’ purchase. Take the time to create an account profile with us. For your convenience there is a simple checkbox after the information entry area of the checkout and pay process. You will by then have entered all your required information for your first purchase so there is no additional effort needed. Just click in the checkbox where it asks the question “Create an account?” If you worry about security of information read our Security & Data Privacy policy

Create Account

It’s as easy as that. You will be asked to select a password and then the next time you visit Pixl2Pixl.com to buy an image your information will automatically be preloaded into your checkout page. Manage the aspects of your account profile via the MY-ACCOUNT menu selection on the main navigation bar. Have Fun!

Directly From The Menu Option

Should you wish to create an account knowing you will return to purchase even though you don’t intend to do so immediately then simply click on the MY-ACCOUNT option in the main navigation bar. There you will be able to create an account and select a password. When you return to shop simply login via the same option. If you worry about security of information read our Security & Data Privacy policy. We hope to see you often in the future.