Security & Data Privacy

Site and Information Security

Information is a website hosted by Dreamhost. This means that all of Pixl2Pixl’s code and data is held in an environment that is protected by the latest state of the art technologies because that is what Dreamhost does as a business entity!! It is in their best interests to maintian state of the art capabilities which protect you while you browse. This they have done for years already. When you browse the website you are effectively browsing on the Dreamhost servers and the connection to your computer is between you and Dreamhost via the internet. That should give you peace of mind in submitting your data when creating an account profile for shopping at An account profile is not compulsory in order to purchase images from but it is legally required that you submit information for billing in order for your purchase to be a legal transaction.The billing information is used by and kept for accounting purposes.

When you make a purchase from you have to use the Proceed to Checkout option from the cart or product pages. When you do so the only option on this site is to use PayPal – an online payment facility where you can use a PayPal account to pay or use your credit card to pay even if you do not have a PayPal account. That is why uses PayPal exclusively. We do not process other forms of payment like cheques, cash and EFT’s. When selecting the PayPal option from the payment page you are then redirected technically to PayPal’s own servers which are also maximally secured because their business is all about online financial transactions. Payment SecurityYour card and personal information for payment is directly transmitted between your computer and PayPal which is a secure site. never gets to see that information since it is private between you as the customer and PayPal as the payment facilitator.

Data Privacy

Our business is about images which contain creative content that needs to be protected. We apply the same consideration to your private information that you share with us. Creating an account in the webstore means that you submit relevant information for the purpose of NOT having to reenter the information when you next shop for an image with us. It is a real convenience not having to enter so much information all over again the next time. remembers your information because we link it to your email address you used to create your account profile. Even if you forget your password we are able to help you find your information again through the Lost Password option on the MY ACCOUNT login screen. Bear in mind that if somebody uses your acount email address it would NOT allow them to shop on at your expense because the account information is NEVER linked to payment (account or credit card) information on PayPal. They would still have to use their own payment information to buy an image though you would receive the notification of the transaction happening via your email address. Then you might have a few words for them!

Data PrivacyThe information you submit for billing and to create a account for convenience when shoppping is used only for that purpose. We do NOT use that information for marketing to you and we do NOT on-sell that information to any other party for their marketing use. We do however invite you to follow Pixl2Pixl through the Follow Us link in the sidebar of the shopping and info-blog pages or from the ABOUT menu option in the navigation bar. It requires that you enter an email  address and activate the acceptance button – as easy as that. This email address might even be different from that in your shopping profile. After confirming your choice to follow Pixl2Pixl you will join the group of customers who want to B iNsPiReD whenever we post new images and other exciting material on the website.  We hope you do because when we release new images and take on new artists an email notification invites you to share in the pleasure of new inspiration.
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