Refund Policy

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Product Definition

The only products available at are digital images. Every one is implicitly copyrighted even if the downloaded image does not contain such markings. The intellectual copyright is held by the original artist and commercial copyright by

Download Limits

Every image purchased is limited to 5 attempts at downloading the file/s. A successful download must be effected within 24 hours after the online purchase otherwise the download link expires. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this limitation but it is there for the online protection of the webstore. Should the customer NOT manage for some reason to effect a download within these parameters such notification should immediately be sent to using our contactUs page. In the event of this happening we will enable a further download opportunity to the SAME customer free of charge with the use of a digital coupon.

Product Quality

While every effort is made to ensure that the downloaded image purchased by the customer is digitally integral the fact is that every image is transported across the internet and may be subject to quality degradation while doing so for any of a number of reasons. Should the downloaded image data be sub standard for any reason the customer should notify using our contactUs page. In the event of this happening we will enable a further download opportunity to the SAME customer free of charge with the use of a digital coupon.

Request for Refund

The product received by the customer is a data file in JPEG format containing a digital image. This image may be hard-copy printed or viewed on-screen. To avoid the inconvenience of the refund process for buyer and seller has enabled large scale viewing of the image BEFORE PURCHASE via the GALLERY and the SHOP product pages. We logically presume therefore that the customer has studied the image sufficiently prior to purchasing it. If however for some unaccountable reason the customer finds the downloaded image sufficiently unacceptable and the request is NOT related to Product Quality or Download Limits (see above) then we are conditionally prepared to refund 60% (sixty percent) of the purchase value. There are 4 conditions:

  1. The transaction details must be provided electronically to via our contactUs page
  2. Customer must also submit a statement in English justifying the reason for a refund request
  3. The downloaded file must be returned to for scrutiny via DropBox (no other facility) to
  4. Refunds are paid ONLY to valid PayPal accounts to ensure financial exchange security. Please provide details of recipient account

In General

While the conditions pertaining to refunds may sound severe as do all contractual type documents we ask you to consider that the purchase you have made contributes to the empowerment of others whose lives are significantly impacted by your support. Thank you for the making the purchases that have inspired you – they are always MUCH appreciated !!

NOTE Please DO NOT use comment boxes below info pages for refund requests. They DO NOT connect to our accounts department !!