The Essential Aswell Rowe

Arthur Aswell Rowe

( Born 1917 – Photo at age 65 )

Aswell Rowe

A Life of Considered Intention

Great art disturbs and shocks us. We are drawn out of our limited sense of being, and we glimpse the profound undercurrent of spirit, the entire universe condensed into one sound or form.

Amidst the chaos of the era he grew up in, his ethics of Divine intention provoked deep thought about what type of energy he wanted to put into the world with the understanding of its effect on himself, his viewers and the collective psyche. Acting on a subtle basis, the physical works bring beauty and joy to the viewer.

Having experienced the full spectrum of consciousness, socio- political and spiritual, Aswell actively channelled that all-encompassing sense of life into his creative works, spreading positive benefit into the environment, thus allowing the sharing of profound dreams and Divine inspirations through the exposition of Truth, Love and Beauty.