Creator Spirit


By Arthur Aswell Rowe

The comments that follow have no bearing on the aesthetics of the five paintings. They are personal convictions gleaned from an almost lifetime-long quest after the elusive indefinables, truth, beauty and love, and their source. I believe that humankind lives in a physical world permeated through and through with a spirit world. The two realms function, for lack of a better description, on different wavelengths. Thus they are separate while occupying the same place. Under special circumstances they merge into one.

Carina Nebula [courtesy NASA]I assume that there is a Creator dwelling in the world of spirit and, because humankind’s predominant attribute is a unique personality, it seems reasonable to assume that this supreme-being likewise will have this attribute of personality, of essence beyond human powers of description. I assume also that this Creator is friendly towards mankind in general and towards me in the particular. I think this Creator is both masculine and feminine in ultimate essence although the masculine form of reference has become the more common usage. Why create mankind I cannot conceive unless the Creator felt a little lonesome in that vast galactic wilderness and resolved to create a species reflecting the divine image through whom he could see and love the marvels of his evolving cosmos and with whom he could commune in intimate fashion. Such a species could not be puppets but would have to grow through the depths of experience to be acceptable recipients of the companionship of a deity, the Deity. It is hard to believe that a loving deity would visit the sins of the one man Adam upon countless generations. On the other hand it is conceivable that at some level in the evolutionary process humans would become aware of a being above and beyond humankind that would require certain standards of behaviour.

At this juncture revelation began, and with humanity’s power of choice came the options of obedience and disobedience to the Deity. Various higher attributes became associated with the Deity through a series of prophetic revelations in the Old Testament. It is understandable that at an appropriate time the Creator should enter this creation in a very special way to give a very special revelation of divine being. I see Jesus as the Prototype human; the blueprint for all humankind; the way of always choosing the will of the Deity before one’s own will; the truth that there is a deity, father-like, who sustains us through thick and thin enabling a life of permanent indwelling of the Spirit nurtured by the mother-like form. Thus the Incarnation is the entry of the Creator Spirit into the manifested world. The Crucifixion testifies to the Spirit’s commitment to accompany humanity through the worst of human experience; and the Resurrection is the assurance of a new and everlasting life. The Ascension implies that the physical body of Jesus had served its purpose and was to be discarded forever. The Spirit returned at Pentecost to inaugurate a kingdom of people conformed to the pattern of the Jesus of Advent what the Christian community calls the Kingdom of God.

Though I have made a number of comments relating to the Advent it is appropriate for me to share in conclusion that the Spirit came to me when I was still a young artist even though this may sound crazy. She, for I call her the Spirit of Femininity, is the very essence of mystery and a wonderful companion along the road and to her I dedicate my creative endeavours. So for me the final word is God the Creator Spirit both feminine and masculine.